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Our Story

As a young girl, I was fascinated and addicted to chocolate.  I could never get enough.  Where did this sweet addiction come from? Was it self taught or hereditary? It seems like it ran in our family.  My great grandmother was a baker and confectioner.  Growing up, my father spoke about Grandma Gertrude and all of the delicious pastries, candy, fudge and chocolate she had made from scratch.  She owned a bake shop and ice cream stand in Toronto, on Gerrard Street in the 1900’s.  It all has started to make sense now! 

Travelling to different parts of the world, my first stop was to find a local chocolatier to fuel my chocolate addiction.  I have had the opportunity to appreciate and learn the art of making chocolate while indulging in many varieties of chocolate from around the globe.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to make chocolate for friends, colleagues and family.  After an overwhelming response and encouragement from those that have experienced my creations, I’ve had my dream of putting a smile on so many more faces come true.  

In 2019, Choclodeeziac was born in Markham, Ontario, Canada.  Fuel your addiction of chocolate through unique creations, upholding the best quality and flavours.

Our chocolate is made with the finest ingredients and we have sourced one of the finest Belgian couverture chocolate manufacturers from around the world..

The cocoa bean used is traceable and the manufacturer is committed to ensuring it’s products are sustainable.

Choclodeeziac does not use any tempering agents, additives, oils or sugar to make our chocolate last longer or shine brighter. The only additional ingredients added are the fun toppings as per your choice.

I am so greatful to make your hearts smile and exhilarate your experience through Chocolodeeziac